"Let's Try Again"

Amanda Hobbs

"Let's Try Again"
Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Here we are!

After waiting for what seems like 10 years, we are finally able to transfer another little frosty!

My hormone levels are all right where they need to be and I am feeling great!

Since my progesterone levels were so elevated when we last had lab work, I had to start taking a steroid along with my birth control to help keep my levels in check, therefore, I was not allowed to join the next (or even the next) cycle. After two months of that, I then had to add Lupron injections into the mix. Normally, I would say these aren't bad but for some reason my pharmacy sent me dull needles, O_O, ouch!!

I dealt with it for a little while and then I just got some new needles.

Much better!

I went in for my week before checkup and the doctor asked us whether we wanted to transfer one or two embryos.


Ummm... I struggled with this for a little while. Of course, Mr. H is all about transferring two of those little guys, but he isn't the one that has to carry them around for 9 months!

At this point, we'll take what we are lucky enough to get but I can only imagine how hard twins would be. My doctor says that my chances of twins will only be about 30%, and that transferring two would increase my chances of getting pregnant.

Well, I am not so sure that they know that it's really only a 30% chance. Heck, 30% is a lot! But on the other hand, if it would increase my chances of getting pregnant, why not try it?

But then what about complications and premature births? And how hard is it going to be on me? I am so nervous! I had so many questions and concerns. I just drove myself crazy with all of it. I just want to have a baby, why is everything so hard?

In the end, we decided that we would go ahead and transfer two. It would be hard, but ultimately, if I had twins I would do whatever it took to make it work.

So I woke up on transfer day and guess what? I was sick as a dog. Just miserable!! But it was transfer day, nothing could get me down.

I was a little more comfortable this time and my doctor even said so. I took a few days off of work, not only because of transfer but also because I couldn't breathe through my nose to save my life. For four whole days, I just sat on the sofa and watched TV. HGTV, of course!

Then it was back to work for me. I was less anxious this time, less nervous, less everything. I guess I just already knew that what's done is done; I can't make it work or not work. It will happen if it is meant to be. I mean, I was still anxious and nervous, just a little less this time.

I started getting a little crampy, grumpy and sleepy around day 4... I think this is a good sign! But I cannot stress.

I will not stress.

I will just wait and pray and hopefully we will have a positive beta. Fingers crossed y'all!